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Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his almost 40-year career, Tim has helped lead a wide range of companies and brings those diverse experiences and perspectives to Yaculta. He has been the CEO, COO, CFO or Controller for both public and private companies that ranged from early startups to multibillion dollar corporations. He’s led mature companies, high growth operations and turnaround successes.

In addition to his leadership of Yaculta’s operating entities, Tim leads the family office for a branch of the Seattle-based Nordstrom family.

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Silvo Piccini

Silvio Piccini


Silvio arrived at Yaculta with more than 30 years of leadership and management experience in the retail and finance industries. Silvio started his career at Pepsico and has broad experience across several public and private mid-size companies. In each role, Silvio helped companies grow rapidly and exceed financial benchmarks by building high performance teams and then letting them excel.

Silvio’s focus at Yaculta is twofold. He’s responsible for implementing the company’s strategic vision as well as making sure we have superior management talent who operate in a manner consistent with our values.

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Mike Doll

Mike Doll

Chief Financial Officer

Mike has more than 20 years in corporate finance working for large to small companies in the retail, health and energy industries. His experience helped companies drive informed business decisions through objective financial analysis.

At Yaculta, Mike is using those skills and experience to help us develop strategic and tactical plans, and create tools and processes that help us achieve our financial goals.

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